Cookies policy

We inform you that at (the Website) we use cookies to facilitate use and navigation through the website and improve the website quality based on users' habits and browsing styles. The information obtained through cookies will be collected and processed by ADRIANO CARE SOCIMI, S.A.U. (see details at Privacy Policy and Legal Notice).

1. What are cookies?

They are files that are downloaded to the user's computer, smartphone, or table when they access a website, and enable the owner of the website to store or recover certain information about multiple variables, such as, for example: the number of times the website has been visited by the user, guaranteeing that the user is logged in while they browse the website, etc. Blocking all cookies may disable certain services and features

2. Types of cookies and purposes

Below we provide information about the types of cookies used on and their purpose.

2.1. Types of cookies by managing entity

Depending on the entity that manages the equipment or domain from which the cookies are send and processes the data obtain, the following types can be distinguished:

  • Own cookies: Those sent to the user's terminal from
  • Third-party cookies: Those send to the user's terminal from equipment or a domain that is not managed by the publisher, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies, such as,, and

2.2. Types of cookies by length of time that they remain active in the terminal

  • Session cookies: They are a type of cookies designed to obtain and store data while the user accesses a website. As stated by their name, these cookies are stored in the user's terminal until the navigation session is over.
  • Persistent cookies: They are a type of cookies in which data remain stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a period defined by the cookie owner, which may range from a few minutes to several years.

2.3. Types of cookie by purpose

  • Technical cookies: They are those that enable users to browse through the website or the platform and use the various options or services available on it, such as, for example, monitoring traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing areas of restricted access, using security elements while browsing, or storing contents for the broadcasting of videos or sound or sharing contents through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, or YouTube. These are session and persistent cookies.
  • Customisation cookies: They are those that enable users to access the service with some predefined characteristics on the basis of a number of criteria in the user's terminal, such as, e.g., the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the region from which the service is accessed, etc. Third parties such as Google, YouTube and Twitter use this kind of persistent customization cookies for their services. For further information:

  • Analytic cookies: These are cookies that make it possible to quantify the number of users and therefore measure and statistically analyse the use of our website by users. To this end, your browsing through our website is analysed to improve it. At analytic, own, session, and persistent cookies are used for this purpose, specifically Google Analytics cookies that have different expiry times depending on the information offered. Third parties such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Shareaholic also use this kind of session and persistent analytic cookies.

    For further information:

3. How to disable or remove cookies

You can easily reject and remove the cookies installed in your computer. The procedures to block and remove cookies may vary depending on your Internet browser. Below we provide the links to the settings of the main browsers:

If you reject them, you will be able to continue to use our Website, although use of certain services may be restricted.